Surface Renew - in my opinion BEWARE !!!!


I chose Surface Renew to resurface (paint) my bathtub after seeing the beautiful job they did on a friend's tub. I knew that they actually had to return to my friend's place to re-do the whole process because their equipment had mal-functioned causing a terrible outcome. But once it was done over, it looked great.

They did a not-so-great job on my tub. I was NOT IMPRESSED. They failed to tell me when I made the appointment that after the job, I would have to remove the tape and paper myself and re-caulk the tub. I think that should be part of the service!

I was LIVID when I discovered that one of the workers dripped something all over my ceramic tiled floor leaving seemingly permanent discoloration in the form of drops and droplets. I say "permanent" because I have not been able to remove the spots. The company rep returned to the next day to look at the tile. The spots are a bit difficult to see at first glance and when the company rep retured the next day to take a look, he could not "see" the spots (or perhaps didn't want to see the spots). He buffed the floor in an attempt to remove the spots. It appeared at the time that he took care of it but later after looking closer, the spots were still there.

Also, the prepper had stuck the tape to a section of the tub instead of "up to the tub", which caused the paint to peel off during tape removal. And I discovered several areas in and around the tub that felt rough. Maybe it is naive to think I would get a perfectly smooth tub surface like my friend got. The company rep did some touch up of the paint but I still did not get a completely smooth tub. AND, their anti-slip is very slippery so don't bother paying the additional cost for the anti-slip surface on the floor of the tub.

During the taping, the prepper wrapped up light fixtures and put the tape right on the glass and chrome where the fixture gets hot. Of course the tape melted to it. It took me a while to remove the sticky tape residue from the fixture using Acetone.

Just wondering... What will happen to the new surface if I ever have to re-caulk the tub? All the care instructions indicate that it is not a very durable surface. They advise not to leave any shampoo bottles, soap dishes, drops of water, etc. on the edges of the tub because it will cause it to wear prematurely (they don't tell you that until after the job is done). So, how would you scrape off caulk without damaging the finish? The company rep told me that I should not have to re-caulk for many years. But I know better than that! Caulk is not permanent - it wears away eventually and needs to be replaced.

I guess I can accept that the tub isn't as perfect as I expected but I am seriously upset about the spots embedded in my ceramic tile!

The company refunded half of the cost of the job, which was a nice gesture, but I should have insisted they pay for a new ceramic floor!

Review about: Bathtub Resurfacing.

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